About me

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years, both in Australia and the UK, and have always enjoyed the balanced approach that yoga provides, working on both the health of your body and your mind. 

The last fifteen years have involved two children and a move back to the UK.  I realised that I wanted to further expand my weekly yoga class experience and studied with the South West Yoga Academy, completing a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation qualification and a 500hr British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma.  I have also undertaken further study in meditation and children’s yoga.

I have recently moved back to Aus from the UK, to the Redlands area. I am loving being back in the Sunshine State and am looking forward to sharing some yoga with you.

My classes focus on enhancing the healthy functional movement of the body, improving breathing awareness and combining all this to bring calm and ease throughout the body and mind.  Yoga provides us with such a powerful link to our nervous system, enabling us to heal our physical body as well as enhancing our mental strength, helping us to tackle the stresses of everyday life. 

Our busy lives place so much demand on our time and energy that it is important to make a little space for yourself, a time to rejuvenate and become a better version of yourself.  Come and find out what yoga can do for you.