About my teaching

My classes use yoga poses, breathing and relaxation exercises to quieten and relax the mind whilst also strengthening, stretching and energising the body. I will be teaching how the health of your body and mind are linked and how relaxation is as important and rejuvenating as exercise.

My classes are aimed at all levels and all ages.  Beginners are welcomed.  Come and find out what yoga can do for you.

What will the yoga class involve?

The class will last for 1 hour 15 minutes.  During that time we will do a warm-up, which will gently mobilise our joints and muscles and prepare them for the yoga poses we will be practicing.

We will then work towards a selection of yoga poses, exploring what our bodies are able to do today, and gently stretching and strengthening our muscles.

We will explore our breath during the practice and will undertake some exercises to help us become more aware of, and deepen our breath.

Finally, the session will end with a relaxation practice which will help us to train our bodies to relax at will and help combat the negative effect that stress and our daily lives have on our body and mind.

What should I bring /wear to the class?

Please bring yourself and a willingness to explore.  Dress comfortably – stretchy or loose clothing are best.  You will also need a yoga/exercise mat and a blanket/towel or warm clothing to wear during relaxation.  You may also like to bring a bottle of water.