What do other people think about Yoga with Jo yoga classes?

“Jo is a great yoga instructor. I have a knee replacement so am unable to kneel but Jo sorts out different ways for me to get the same effect as the others. She makes sure the class is working  safely by advising us if we need help. I highly recommend her.” P.T.

” I have enjoyed and benefited from every class with Jo since I was welcomed as a beginner to yoga 18 months ago. Jo’s calmness, support and clear instructions make the class easy to follow and her suggestions for adaptations lets you do the practice at your own pace. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in both body and mind. Thank you Jo.” J.M.

“My Husband was keen to try yoga and we went along together to Yoga Jo’s class. We were both pleased with Jo’s quiet instruction and felt we could go at our own pace in our own space. My Husband remarked ‘it doesn’t feel like exercise and yet it does you so much good’. After 3 years we are both so much more flexible and have noticed the difference during the lockdown by not being as conscientious although the calming breathing has been invaluable in panicky moments and for sleep. Thank you Jo and we are looking forward to getting back to class.” W.M. & N.M.

“Jo is an excellent teacher. I’d been to previous yoga classes but never had the postures explained to me in such a useful way before. She creates a friendly and supportive atmosphere in her classes, and seems to read the overall ability of the group well, so the exercises are pitched at an achievable, but stretching, level. And she has the best ever relaxation sessions at the end of her classes!” G.G.

“Jo’s classes are carefully planned, well structured and, above all, really enjoyable.  I always finish the class feeling thoroughly refreshed and relaxed.  She’s an excellent teacher!” A.B.

“I am really missing Jo’s classes although she has been brilliant at keeping in touch and supporting us with our yoga practice at home! Having just moved to the area, I was delighted to find Jo’s class. Jo brilliantly blends tranquillity and challenge in her classes, which is ideal for my evening class. The yoga classes have helped me with flexibility, strength and well-being – and they are truly accessible for ‘yogis’ at any level!” T.B.

“Calm but energising yoga practice. There is a blend of strength, balance and relaxation which really benefit physical and mental well being. Breath and mindfulness exercises nourish the soul so that I always feel wonderful afterwards. Would recommend Jo as a yoga instructor to anyone needing some high quality me time.” L.W.

“My husband and myself have been doing Jo’s class for the last 18 months and really enjoying it. Jo lets us work at our own pace, so we never feel we have failed at any activity. The class has a very peaceful feel to it and we come away feeling quite invigorated. It is helping us to keep supple and stay active at our advanced ages. Jo went the extra mile during the lockdown by posting a set of lessons for us to continue practicing yoga. We are looking forward and hoping the classes restart soon.” D.M. & P.M.

““I have enjoyed Jo’s yoga classes.  They are well planned, nicely paced and very relaxed.  Great for beginners and the more experienced alike.  Jo creates a very calm environment.  Her instructions are clear and she is quick to suggest alternative ways of doing a stretch to ensure we all get the benefit.  I am looking forward to getting back to class.  Thank you Jo.” G.S.